San Miguel, 0, 18100 Armilla, Granada.


Information Sheet for LANGUAGE Assistants




– c/ San Miguel s/n

– 958893650


Contact of the reference person(s)

Bilingual Coordinator: Bernardino Martín Muñoz (assistants coordinator)

Headteacher: Juan José Jiménez González

Education level


– Middle/High School (12-18 years old)


Collaboration subjects/modules of the Language Assistant  A variety of subjects: PE, Physics, Biology, History, Technology, Art, Economy, Maths, ESL
Information about the town and/or neighborhood

-Armilla is a town in the fertile plain of Granada. It enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and cold winters.

Due to its proximity to Granada, Armilla is an excellent place to live. Its population has increased a lot in the last decade because Armilla offers a great variety of facilities. it is home to an Air Force air base which includes a helicopter pilot school. It is also the site of the Feria de Muestras (Trade Fair).

The new Health Sciences Technology Park also occupies part of the municipality. This complex is a public initiative of various administrations and institutions that will turn Granada and its southern belt into the vanguard of teaching, research and technology in the field of health.


– What can Armilla offer a Language Assistant?

Armilla is so close to Granada that you can enjoy all the facilities both Granada and Armilla offer: leisure, reading clubs, cinema clubs, sports facilities, nature, culture, health centre, gastronomy…


Getting to school

If you want to live in Granada

– The Granada Metro crosses the city from north to south, joining the    capital with Armilla (metro stop 7 minutes walk to school)

-You can also take the bus (bus stop at the school roundabout)

– Possibility of car-pooling with other teachers

If you want to live in Armilla you can walk to school easily





– Where to live in town?






– Possibility of sharing a flat with teachers?


– If you want to live in Armilla:


– If you want to live in Granada



– You can also contact teachers interested in sharing a flat. At school we also have some information about renting flats in Armilla.


Contact with other Language Assistants

Assistants that have worked in our school 2021-22


Previous Experiences with Language Assistants

The different materials our assistants have created is located in our school Google Drive and we share it, but it is not open to public acess.